How do I create a view of a Data List?
Views are created for specific users who need to view only a part of the "all data" rows and columns. The views can be shared with as many people required (also with non-CollateBox users).
Creating a View in CollateBox
To create a new View, please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your CollateBox account
  2. Select the Data List and click on the "Manage all data"
  3. Click on the blue slider bar on the top left corner of the screen
  4. Click on the plus (+) button on Views bar found below "Manage all data" bar and a pop up screen opens
  5. The pop up screen consists of three steps:
    1. Filter - The rows can be filtered with search or applying filters on the columns
    2. Hide Columns - Any column may be hidden for the specific view to be created by clicking on the eye icon beside each column name
    3. Name - To name the view, type in the required text in the textbox given and click on done
  6. The navigation between the steps is through left and right arrow found on top right hand side of the screen. The view is saved only when clicked on "Done" in the third step
  7. Once the view is created, it can be seen under the Views section of the slider bar of All data list or under data lists in home section
  8. Views can also be created while sharing the data list. For details, click here