How do I create a new Data List?
Creating a new Data List refers to a CollateBox user starting a new data file (spreadsheet in excel) within their account.
Creating a Data Lists in CollateBox
To create a new Data List, please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your CollateBox account
  2. Click on the Blue "Create" button that you see in the left sidebar
  3. Select the option "Data list"
    1. You have three options to choose from
    2. Select from predesigned collation templates - You can select from a set of readymade templates according to your needs. There are free as well as paid templates available. We are constantly adding new pre-designed templates to this list, make sure you keep checking in to see what's new
    3. Copy and paste from your existing spreadsheet - Copy your tabular spreadsheet data from Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or any other spreadsheet application and paste it in the space provided. Click on "Import" and give a name to it, CollateBox will automatically create a data list for you
    4. Create an empty data list - You can start from scratch. Enter column names in the first row and at least 2 rows of data to get started